Order process
Order process
Call Us Now for Free Estimate
Order process
Order process
Call Us Now for Free Estimate
  • Step 1 – Preliminary Requirements
    • Understand building codes for your city to determine whether you need a permit
    • We will provide structural CAD drawings or optional 3D renderings if requested
    • Make sure that the installation site is accessible and appropriate for installation
  • Step 2 – Design
    • We will work on selecting correct size for your area
    • We will work with you on selecting best options and materials for your shed
    • Will get you an official pricing via invoice with all details listed
  • Step 3 – Order
    • Contract will be sent via online bookkeeping system
    • Contract will be signed by Owner and order placed in que
    • Once deposit of 30% downpayment received, order will be started
  • Step 4 – Site Prep
    • While shed fabrication in progress we will get started on prepping your site
    • Electricity will be run
    • Where foundation is required it will be constructed and all inspections passed
  • Step 5 – Fabrication
    • We build your shed to your specifications in our facility in 6-8 weeks, depending on the availability of building materials
    • Progress photos will be sent to Owner at multiple stages
    • Second 30% progress payment will be made once shed is constructed and interior work is started
  • Step 6 – Delivery & Installation
    • We schedule delivery of your shed through our preferred shipping partners
    • Our certified installers unload and assemble/connect your shed on-site in 2-3 days
    • You pay for last 40% payment once installation is complete
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